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16 July 2010


ok fine. as u see here, im not gonna write my damn diary anymore..
huh.. yes, its kinda boring.. everyday, i do the same thing, and it is come over and over and over again..
and my examination dont go so well, not as much as i prepared.. (kinda... sad.. maybe?)
such a boring thing, stuck here in this "well-civilized-intelligent-people" country..
i dont say, that i was not grateful for what He'd gave to me..
but, you know.. patience sometimes, needs a rebel too.. huh?

today, im totally messed.. with my mind blowing away
going somewhere i dont know..
heart like jiwa kacau
huh..maybe i got affected by surrounding..
no! i am tougher than this!

i am not a persistent person (you know the person that hard to istiqamah in doin thing)
see.. this is real example.. my site for diary.. 
yes, at first i am soooooo excited..
i'd wrote in my diary in my mind that i am gonna write this diary to the end of my study here..
so, what happen?
oh please, i dont know. please, dont ask me.
now i am writing in english.. and well this is the first time. huh?
i still remember, one of my friend told me that my english is terrible, disaster, or whatever
but i dont care
you care?
i dont!
with all the tunggang langgang grammar.. so what?
i write what i think
you write what you think?
hoho. once again, i'm pretty not sure how long i can write my blog in english.
go to hell.

today is friday, and i have my holiday, tomorrow, and sunday.
tomorrow, one of my friend move to new house.
he had sad drama all along moving to his new house, after betrayed by housemates..
pity.. heh?
and on monday, begin the practical again..
ah.. go to hell practical..

1 comment:

+aNa baNana+ said...

uiks... rileks la... jiwa tgh kaco otak mmg x dpt kawal kan... hu3... so, no more diary la nie!!!????

good luck with ur practical okeyh