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17 July 2010

A good friend not

some says that i am a good friend. but i feel not the same as the said. i am a kind friend, but not a good friend. really strange that i felt this. i used to have numbers of best friends. we were enjoying ourselves since primary school, from Darjah 1, till 6. we used to play together, doing silly things, swim in the rivers without my parents permission, and many more.. but now, i lost them. when i were in secondary school, i found them. yes. through contact, whatever.

but, i were not really into it. just found them, and do nothing. they kept contacting me, but i were not like them. it's not like i not interested to be back again, but urm..
i feel like something constrained me not to that.
and now, i'd lost my old best friends, doesn't know where they go.

it same goes happen again when i were in secondary school. i used to have 
several kind, joyful, best friends. the friends that always be by my side when needed, 
be the best persons when drowned.
but since i'd left my beloved country, studying here
the same feeling came to me.
i wanna be friend again, keep in touch, anything that make us closer, but i just cant..
sorry, my friends.

lately, i have several good friends around me
we always chatting, laughing
but now i dont feel like before..
they always want us to be good like before,
greet me, ask me, care about me..
but i dont feel like before..
i am sorry, my friends..

i used to be a kind-hearted, care about others, think about others, love to make friends,
love to see everybody happy,
but, since i knew several people, or i can say, several friends
i am not the person i used to be before..

p/s: just now i watched heroes. Sylar's father said, "the life cant give us nothing". is it true?

1 comment:

+aNa baNana+ said...

friends always come and go... that's life... keep making friends until u can find a friend who make ur life better...