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18 July 2010


i watched heroes again, again and again. hell yeah, i finished one season in 1 day, and its kinda slow.. right?

while watching it, i recognize that, one of them, is like me. Matt Parkman. hahaha. sound fool. yeah. thats right, we have some peculiarities. he is fat, and me too. he lives in jealousy, me too. i mean, he feels jealous when his lovely hot wife talking to any man. i thought, i like that too. hahaha. (fool). and i also want his power, the mind-reader, and also can put thought in anybody. cool, right. hahaha. okay2. thats enough. i wanna continue watching.

jangan main2. aku cubit ko kang!

1 comment:

atikullah ismail™ said...

mind reader,ganah gak ar power lagu tuh..bleh taw jahat ke bek..huhuhu