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23 September 2010

Third Year

ugh.. it has been a month i'm not writing here.

i am quite confuse.. everyone said that this third year aura had flow it's stress through out everybody. everyone gettin stressed, not enough time, and whatever they said.

honestly, i am not feeling like they said, like they suffering.. for me, from what can i see, i see no different between me in the last semester, and me in this damn semester.

every night, sitting at the table, doing notes, revision, repeating over over and over again. just like me in the last semester. tired? for me the same. yep. because the real pain of this semester doesnt come yet. but i think, i can survive these challenges. about my exam? bahahaha... not really good. i mean it. i can predict it.

1 comment:

atikullah ismail™ said...

mantop..hnya manusia sperti aku yg bodoh krna tetekan dgn 3rd year [bukanlah smpai xleh hidup lngsung]..

kan.tahun 3 je pun...